Fire Team Officers

Chief:  Andrew Garger (1101)

Assistant Chief:  Joshua Green (1102)

Deputy Chief:  Adam Garger (1103)

Captain: Steve Snyder (1104)

Captain: Shawn Kane (1105)

Lieutenant: Mark Kleibscheidel (1106)

Lieutenant:  James Trexler Jr (1107)

Lieutenant: Joseph Britt (1108)

Fire Police Captain:  Bill Reynolds  (1109)

Fire Police Lieutenant: Vinny Quinn (1109A)

 Safety Officer:  George Sverha

Fire Company Officers

President:   Vinny Quinn

Vice President: Mitch Geist

  Treasurer:   Mike Smith

Secretary:  Shawn Kane

Trustees:   Mark Kleibscheidel, Dave Schmidt, Tom Pfenning

Current Greenawalds Roster

Matthew Bertsch - Firefighter/EMT/VRT

Joey Britt - Firefighter

Darryle Callihan - Fire Police

Matthew Callihan - Firefighter/VRT

Keith Cleaver - Life Member

Ray Decker - Firefighter/VRT

Tyler Demboski  - Firefighter

Mike Deprill - Firefighter/EMT/VRT

Justin Dwyer - Firefighter/VRT

Todd Farhringer - Firefighter/VRT

Jose Fernandez - Firefighter

John Frantz - Firefighter/VRT/Fire Marshall

Richard Frantz - (Past Chief and 55+ Year Member) Firefighter/VRT  

Adam Garger - Firefighter/PHRN/VRT  

Andrew Garger - Firefighter/EMT/VRT  

Mitch Geist - Firefighter/VRT

Andrew Glass - Firefighter/EMT/VRT

Nicholas Glassic - Probationary Firefighter

James Glassic - Firefighter

Josh Green - Firefighter/EMT/VRT

Morris Halpin - Support Member

Robert Hebel - (Served as Chief for 10 Years)Firefighter/EMT/VRT

Shawn Kane - Firefighter/VRT

Carl Kern - Probationary Firefighter

Mark Kleibscheidel - Firefighter/Paramedic/VRT

Phil Lathrop - Firefighter/VRT

Lisa-Jon Lepeta - Support Member


Chris Moore - Firefighter/VRT

Manly Offutt - Firefighter/VRT 

Orey Ortiz - Firefighter/VRT

Steven Mould - Probationary Firefighter


Bryan Panella - Firefighter

Chris Peischl - Firefighter/Paramedic/VRT

Shawn Peischl - Firefighter/Paramedic/VRT

Bryan Pfenning - Firefighter/VRT


Thomas Pfenning - Firefighter/VRT 

Vinny Quinn - Fire Police

Bill Reynolds - Fire Police Captain

Sasha Savkova - Firefighter/Physician Assistant/VRT

Michael Santiago - Firefighter

Kyle Schlier - Firefighter

Will Schlier - Firefighter

Dave Schmidt - Firefighter/EMT/VRT 

Mike Smith - Firefighter/VRT

Mikey Smith Jr - Firefighter

Steve Snyder - Firefighter/EMT/VRT 

Andrew Sommers - Fierfighter

Evan Sutton - Jr Firefighter

Tim Sutton - Firefighter/VRT

George Sverha - Safety Officer

Jared Tellechea - Firefighter/EMT/VRT

David Torrey - Firefighter/VRT

James Trexler Jr. - Firefighter/VRT

Chris Walker - Firefighter/EMR

Haley Wagner - Jr Firefighter

*VRT = Vehicle Rescue Technician, EMT = Emergency Medical Technician

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